About Us


Cipta Mebel started its home-based business with only five employees in 1979. In 1981, due to the sky rocketing market demand, we moved from home-based business to furniture manufacturing business. Employees increased from five to three hundred and fifty. In 1987, Cipta Mebel registered its company as an organization and changed its name to P.T. Cipta Mebelindo Lestari (PT CML).

Due to the increasing market demand, we decided to focus on serving the international market especially the USA. During this time we improved on our production process through technology and research. In 2000, PT CML was awarded Asian Development Citra Award, International Europe Award for quality, International Golden Award for commercial prestige. Today, with 800 employees we continue to serve the global market demands.


We strive to be a reliable and trustworthy company in Southeast Asia that delivers furniture products beyond customers’ expectations.


  • We continuously evaluate our manufacturing process in order to provide customers with improved products durability, design and value.
  • We believe in building and maintaining a strong trustworthy/reliable relationship where both customers’ and our company could work and grow together to achieve individual’s goal.
  • We are dedicated to creating a company that allows employees to grow within the company through equal opportunity.                             

Production Specialty

Cipta Mebelindo Lestari is a wood furniture manufacturer based in Indonesia. Our reputation as a bedroom furniture manufacturer, bunk   bed manufacturer and a prestigious indonesia furniture manufacturer is mainly derived from our flagship products like the Richmond, Claude, Ezra, Linear and the Seattle Wood furniture is taking a big part in the human life style. Since a long time ago, we always put wood furniture in our home to make our home looks beautiful, but the important thing is having a lot of benefit to make our life more easily. Wood has been used world wide providing many types furniture, from chair to table, from desk to cupboard. Wood is chosen because of its versatility and beauty it brings to a home as well as what can be created.