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Bunk Bed Manufacturer

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Hundreds of clients throughout the world have been in partnership with Cipta Mebelindo Lestari. As a professional bunk bed manufacturer with ten years experience on furniture, we have been so far developing more than 300 models for you to choose from, including:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Children’s furniture
  • Top sofa
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Dining-room furniture
  • Hotel furniture

bunk bed manufacturerWe have factories and facilities to produce quality products for you. Utilizing drills, spray-paint machines, cutters, jointing machines and other imported and well-performed equipment, our skilled working staffs can turn out 40 x 40HQ outdoor furniture, 80 x 40HQ sofa, 50 x 40HQ children’s furniture and 60 x 40HQ ply furniture every month. Our minimum order, however, starts as few as ten sets.

Safety is of utmost importance when considering a triple bunk bed because of the added weight and many times added height. Most that are built at home, and even at some bunk bed manufacturers, are not up to par with the legal standards of safety not only required by the government, but required to keep the sleeping patrons safe.

In partnership with 100 suppliers ensures the source of durable incoming raw materials. And, we re-test bunk bed manufacturerthem in our own workshop, which enables the defect-free products made by these quality materials. Meanwhile, our QC members with more than five years’ experience inspect the whole and complete production process. The products undergone the full check are bearing SGS marks and up till now, our repair rate is below 0.5%

Annually, more than 500 clients visit us and we also warmly welcome you to join them. To benefit from us, start sourcing your furniture to an expert bunk bed manufacturer with one-year warranty now.

Bunk bed manufacturers had to come up with a new angle on triple bunk beds to make them both attractive and appealing, thereby satisfying the needs of a larger market. Today these beds are designed to optimize space without compromising on safety or style. They certainly are a far cry from their tall counterparts. Bunk beds offering three bunks are usually L-shaped featuring two upper bunks and one bunk on the ground. This allows the floor area under the second bunk to be fully utilized. If you choose to buy one of the L-shaped triple bunk beds remember to ascertain whether the manufacturer allows you the option of either left or right facing orientation. This is particularly important if your room layout only allows the placing of the bed in one specific position. The problem these days is that this is only one of the many more factors to consider when making your selection. The options available for people looking to buy triple bunks beds can be overwhelming.

If you haven’t found your expectation products (or cooperation partner), please do not hesitated to contact with us. It would be highly appreciated if you have any enquiry.

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